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Jordan’s Crossing Gazette is a publication of the Bundanoon Community Association Incorporated for the people of Bundanoon and the Southern Villages. It is a non-profit publication supported by our advertisers and distributed free of charge to all homes, business and private mail boxes in Bundanoon, as well as village stores and post offices at Exeter, Penrose and Wingello. A complimentary copy is also sent to each Wingecarribee Shire Councillor.

The magazine provides a voice for BCA Inc. and the activities and events put on by its various Sub-Committees are given prominence. In addition, an important feature are the regular columns and personality profiles – Bundanoon is such a rich source of interesting stories. JCG also keeps the community up to date with other local groups’ activities and events. There are also lifestyle stories, a bit of sport, and discussions of ideas and interests.


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Advertising: Christine Janssen  Email

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TitleDescriptionSizeDate addedDownload
jcg sep 2021 Exceptional people in our community16.21 MB09-09-2021 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2021 What's that sound14.73 MB02-06-2021 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2021 How far can you go13.25 MB12-03-2021 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2020 The joy of giving (and receiving)14.14 MB23-12-2020 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2020 HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL15.86 MB05-09-2020 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2020 STAYING CONNECTED IN 202013.04 MB06-06-2020 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2020 BUSHFIRE SUMMER JANUARY 202014.40 MB11-03-2020 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2019 RAISING OUR YOUNGEST CITIZENS16.42 MB22-12-2019 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2019 LAND BASED ENTERPRISE18.77 MB11-09-2019 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2019 Winter16.26 MB08-06-2019 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2019 Putting on a performance10.93 MB15-03-2019 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2018 Behind the Shed Door13.82 MB16-02-2019 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2018 Our Four-Legged Friends14.91 MB27-09-2018 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2018 Wild neighbours12.02 MB17-02-2019 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2018 Fostering sustainability14.30 MB17-02-2019 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2017 Day Breaks - place to go in and around Bundanoon12.89 MB17-02-2019 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2017 Artistic Pursuits11.21 MB30-09-2017 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2017 Hospitality10.25 MB30-08-2017 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2017 SCOTTISH CONNECTIONS plus What's that bug? Lions at work, Welcomers11.85 MB30-08-2017 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2016 Celebration! How we like to celebrate occasions big and small15.12 MB04-03-2017 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2016 HEART STOPPERS - sharks, plane crashes and other near misses12.56 MB27-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2016 Ways we love to keep moving13.08 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg mar2016 Trekkers & travellers - local tales from exotic places13.70 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2015 Birds in Bundanoon Backyards: Rapt in birds of prey, Birds in backyards, King of the garden, Saving Mr Black, Birds Count, Birds' backyard11.42 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2015 Canoe Huw, Flying east west, Plane talking, Flying a tray.14.45 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2015 Brigadoon, Honey-bees, Buddy Holly, the World Game, Community Garden, Town Postman15.35 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2015 Bundanoon celebrates 150 years and jcg turns 2016.89 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2014 Former Lives - life journeys, twists and turns16.55 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2014 High achievers - local secondary students' stories14.63 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2014 United families protecting a historic legacy17.31 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2014 The write stuff - Locals bringing words to life18.32 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2013 Just for fun - locals at leisure18.32 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2013 Who cares - volunteers, family and professionals14.82 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2013 All aboard the 5:42 Commuter stories15.34 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2013 Our global village Hugh Mackay introduces local migrant stories16.03 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2012 Health and wellbeing19.94 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2012 Secrets and scandals - tales from the past18.87 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2012 Moving in - young families heading for the hills14.53 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2012 Wheels - car and cycle enthusiasts14.57 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2011 Making music14.53 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2011 Travel tales tall and true10.45 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2011 15th anniversary issue - celebrating the progress of a community magazine17.10 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2011 Wild Bundanoon9.70 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg dec 2010 Feasting and festivities13.48 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg sep 2010 Local descendants of the First Fleet12.12 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg jun 2010 The Sport Issue9.96 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
jcg mar 2010 Heart of the town - the Hall turns 758.47 MB01-09-2016 DownloadPreview
The Bundanoon Community Association has a long & proud history and has existed for over 80 years. The Association (BCA) strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance the beauty & unique village of Bundanoon, regarded as one of the most attractive villages in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.
  • To foster a community spirit in the village.
  • To serve and represent the interests of Bundanoon. It achieves this in a variety of ways, including making submissions to the local Wingecarribee Shire Council on planning issues.
  • The Association also seeks to further develop and environment that supports the well-being and contentment of the people of Bundanoon.

The Bundanoon Community Association is responsible for the management of the various Sub-Commitees, each of which has a Covenor. Each Sub-Comittee manages a specigic area of community activity or interest, and is responsible to the BCA committee. As an incorporated body, the BCA has an ethical responsibility to ensure community activities conducted under its banner are both fair and legal.


Bundanoon Community Association PO Box 12 Bundanoon  NSW 2578 Email:


Bundanoon Community Association PO Box 12 Bundanoon NSW 2578 Email:

For current rates for hiring the Hall and other equipment, including pianos, please consult the Hall Sub-committee page for details and forms


Meetings of the Bundanoon Community Association Incorporated. are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting at 7:30pm. Why not come along and keep up-to-date with what is happening in and around Bundanoon? Meetings are held in the Soldiers' Memorial Hall - opposite the Post Office.

Bundanoon Community NoticeboardF_icon.svg  and Lovely Bundanoon are the unofficial Facebook pages of Bundanoon.

We pay respect to the Traditional Custodians and acknowledge their continued connection to their country and culture.