Picnic Park

Picnic Park is the area on Railway Avenue across from the main shopping area
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Picnic Park


The BCA is working with the community to review several precincts within the village, using The Place Game. One of these precincts is the Picnic Park, located across from the shops along Railway Avenue.

Great places share four key attributes:

  • They are accessible and well connected to other important places in the area.
  • They are comfortable and project a good image.
  • They attract people to participate in activities there.
  • They are sociable environments where people want to gather and visit again.


We asked if our Community enjoys these attributes at the Picnic Park, in a survey sent out April to May, 2023. There were 246 responses, 115 with extra comments.


This is what you said:

  • 1/2 use the park week or monthly
  • 3/4 like the level of natural light/sunshine, ease of access and overall cleanliness and maintenance
  • 2/3 like the connection to other amenities, overall usage/busyness/mix of different people
  • 1/2 view the park as being positive for community ownership/sense of pride whilst 1/2 feel these elements are negative
  • 1/2 view the park as okay/good to bring a visitor whilst 1/2 say the park could be better/is poor for these elements
  • 1/2 feel the overall attractiveness of the park could be better/is poor
  • 1/2 feel the variety of places to sit comfortably in the park could be better/is poor
  • 2/3 feel the functionality of park for people with disability could be better/is poor

What amenity improvements do people seek?

Almost everyone was positive for the “winding path’ image through the park
1/3 commented on the park’s current uneven surface / lack of a path
3/4 positive for the “wooden bench seating alongside the road”
2/3 positive for the “circular seating around trees & hard surface” image
1/2 positive for the “newer shelter & seating” image (26% neutral)
1/3 wanted current seating / tables / shelters / planters to be upgraded / refurbished

 What next?


The Sub-Committee is using the survey results to develop a series of improvements to the Picnic Park.

 This proposal is planned for BCA discussion and further review.


For Further Information:

For further information on Picnic Park please contact:

Convenor: Geoff Pollard

Email: Picnic.Park@bca.asn.au 



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