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Meetings of the Bundanoon Community Association Inc. are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting at 7:30pm. Why not come along and keep up-to-date with what is happening in and around Bundanoon. Meetings are held in the Supper Room of the Soldiers Memorial Hall – opposite the post office.

BCA - Minutes Of Past Annual General Meetings

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Annual General Meetings

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
2024 AGM Booklet2.54 MB18-03-2024 Download
2023 AGM Booklet8.20 MB14-03-2023 Download
2022 AGM Booklet revised 300620226.23 MB19-07-2022 Download
BCA 2021 AGM papers434.42 KB23-02-2021 Download
BCA-AGM-2020 -Booklet2.72 MB13-05-2020 Download
BCA-AGM-2017-DRAFT-Minutes215.35 KB12-02-2018 Download
BCA-AGM-2016-Minutes94.50 KB12-02-2018 Download
BCA-AGM-2015-Minutes392.50 KB25-08-2016 Download
BCA-AGM-2014-Minutes254.00 KB13-09-2016 Download
BCA-AGM-2013-Minutes630.25 KB25-08-2016 Download
BCA-AGM-2012-Minutes37.43 KB25-08-2016 Download

BCA - Agendas and Minutes Of General Meetings

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General Meetings

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
July 2024 General Meeting Business Papers355.72 KB15-07-2024 Download
June 2024 General Meeting Business Papers235.00 KB19-06-2024 Download
May 2024 General Meeting Business Papers178.19 KB14-05-2024 Download
March 2024 General Meeting Business Papers450.19 KB18-03-2024 Download
Febraury 2024 General Meeting Business Papers549.69 KB11-02-2024 Download
December 2023 General Meeting Business Papers549.72 KB19-12-2023 Download
November 2023 General Meeting Business Papers824.29 KB14-11-2023 Download
October 2023 General Meeting Business Papers581.96 KB17-10-2023 Download
September 2023 General Meeting Business Papers547.04 KB19-09-2023 Download
August 2023 General Meeting Business Papers940.19 KB15-08-2023 Download
July 2023 General Meeting Business Papers666.91 KB18-07-2023 Download
June 2023 General Meeting Business Papers0.96 MB13-06-2023 Download
April 2023 General Meeting Business Papers529.62 KB18-04-2023 Download
March 2023 General Meeting Business Papers406.37 KB14-03-2023 Download
February 2023 General Meeting Business Papers493.68 KB14-02-2023 Download
December 2022 General Meeting Business Papers447.19 KB13-12-2022 Download
November 2022 General Meeting Business Papers681.32 KB12-11-2022 Download
October 2022 General Meeting Business Papers499.98 KB17-10-2022 Download
September 2022 General Meeting Papers1.52 MB13-09-2022 Download
August 2022 General Meeting Papers1.46 MB16-08-2022 Download
July 2022 General Meeting Papers rev A528.12 KB01-08-2022 Download
Jun 2022 General Meeting Papers438.89 KB15-06-2022 Download
May 2022 General Meeting Papers526.78 KB17-05-2022 Download
April 2022 General Meeting Papers396.17 KB18-04-2022 Download
March 2022 General Meeting Papers424.21 KB15-03-2022 Download
February 2022 General Meeting Papers509.33 KB14-02-2022 Download
December-2021-General-Meeting-Papers452.63 KB14-12-2021 Download
November 2021 General Meeting - meeting papers637.80 KB15-11-2021 Download
September 2021 Informal General Meeting Notes205.79 KB16-10-2021 Download
June 2021 General Meeting - meeting papers468.86 KB15-06-2021 Download
May 2021 General Meeting - meeting papers480.69 KB18-05-2021 Download
April 2021 General Meeting - meeting papers404.94 KB13-04-2021 Download
February 2021 General Meeting - meeting papers321.13 KB15-02-2021 Download
December 2020 General Meeting - meeting papers319.22 KB15-12-2020 Download
November General Meeting - meeting papers448.96 KB17-11-2020 Download
October General Meeting - meeting papers complete419.23 KB12-10-2020 Download
President's Report Sept20267.37 KB12-10-2020 Download
September General Meeting - meeting papers complete779.43 KB14-09-2020 Download
Sub-committee reports September 2019185.38 KB27-09-2019 Download
Minutes August 2019199.80 KB27-09-2019 Download
September 2018140.55 KB16-10-2018 Download
August 2018361.83 KB24-08-2018 Download
July 2018204.98 KB29-07-2018 Download
June 2018334.88 KB05-07-2018 Download
May 2018138.67 KB09-07-2018 Download
Minutes February General Meeting (draft)90.84 KB13-03-2018 Download
November 2017201.42 KB12-02-2018 Download
October 20171.06 MB18-12-2017 Download
September 20171.06 MB18-12-2017 Download
August 20171.16 MB18-12-2017 Download
July 20171.03 MB18-12-2017 Download
June 20172.90 MB18-12-2017 Download
March-2017458.89 KB18-04-2017 Download
December 2016630.71 KB04-03-2017 Download
November 2016621.15 KB04-03-2017 Download
October 2016642.74 KB04-03-2017 Download
September 2016642.74 KB07-11-2016 Download
August2016323.78 KB27-09-2016 Download
July2016319.29 KB13-09-2016 Download
June2016322.66 KB13-09-2016 Download
May2016313.65 KB13-09-2016 Download
April2016324.08 KB13-09-2016 Download
March2016280.49 KB13-09-2016 Download
February2016371.54 KB25-08-2016 Download
December2015373.28 KB25-08-2016 Download
November2015391.13 KB13-09-2016 Download
October2015207.24 KB25-08-2016 Download
September2015515.64 KB25-08-2016 Download
August2015565.94 KB13-09-2016 Download
July2015371.81 KB25-08-2016 Download
June2015376.55 KB25-08-2016 Download
May2015539.67 KB25-08-2016 Download
April2015369.28 KB25-08-2016 Download
March2015386.29 KB25-08-2016 Download
February2015404.24 KB25-08-2016 Download
December2014396.51 KB13-09-2016 Download
October2014323.98 KB25-08-2016 Download
September2014224.40 KB25-08-2016 Download
July201499.25 KB25-08-2016 Download
June201498.24 KB13-09-2016 Download
March2014293.57 KB25-08-2016 Download
February2014309.68 KB25-08-2016 Download
December2013283.76 KB25-08-2016 Download
November2013302.83 KB25-08-2016 Download
March201220.95 KB25-08-2016 Download
February201233.76 KB25-08-2016 Download

BCA - Constitution

Bundanoon Community Association Constitution - Download In either .PDF or Word format


TitleSizeDate addedDownload
Constitution - BCA amended AGM 18 Mar 2021638.89 KB22-05-2021 Download
The Bundanoon Community Association has a long & proud history and has existed for over 80 years. The Association (BCA) strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance the beauty & unique village of Bundanoon, regarded as one of the most attractive villages in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.
  • To foster a community spirit in the village.
  • To serve and represent the interests of Bundanoon. It achieves this in a variety of ways, including making submissions to the local Wingecarribee Shire Council on planning issues.
  • The Association also seeks to further develop and environment that supports the well-being and contentment of the people of Bundanoon.

The Bundanoon Community Association is responsible for the management of the various Sub-Commitees, each of which has a Covenor. Each Sub-Comittee manages a specigic area of community activity or interest, and is responsible to the BCA committee. As an incorporated body, the BCA has an ethical responsibility to ensure community activities conducted under its banner are both fair and legal.


Bundanoon Community Association PO Box 12 Bundanoon  NSW 2578 Email: secretary@bca.asn.au


Bundanoon Community Association PO Box 12 Bundanoon NSW 2578 Email: HallHire@bca.asn.au

For current rates for hiring the Hall and other equipment, including pianos, please consult the Hall Sub-committee page for details and forms


Meetings of the Bundanoon Community Association Incorporated. are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting at 7:30pm. Why not come along and keep up-to-date with what is happening in and around Bundanoon? Meetings are held in the Soldiers' Memorial Hall - opposite the Post Office.

Bundanoon Community NoticeboardF_icon.svg  and Lovely Bundanoon are the unofficial Facebook pages of Bundanoon.