Compassionate Communities

Being valued and cared for from the beginning to the ending of our days

Bundanoon Compassionate Communities

Compassionate Community Bundanoon (ComCom)  is about connecting people within the community.

ComCom’s original charter, started in Bundanoon, June 2018, is to help provide support and care for each other during times of grief, loss, crisis, dying, death and bereavement. We hope we can help that no-one feels alone, and we can offer support and services.

 And we still follow this heart, and in 2020 ComCom took on another heart.

 We have now within our charter ‘in the living years’. We rejoice life and help people connect with people who desire to be engaged, involved, and part of the community. All people. Young or elderly, fit and fast or slow and wobbly.

 ComCom’s extra heart ‘in the living years’ is about connecting people with people right now.  

 Lastly ComCom will act as a ComComHub, that is when someone is in need, feeling isolated and lonely, we would introduce them to a service or organisation such as CWA, Men’s Shed, Needles and Natter, Photography Club, Bundanoon Sings, the Ukesters, Garden Club, History Group, Quest for Life workshops etc depending on the interests of the individual person.

“Hello how are you?” – a relatively new initiative formed in March 2020 when Covid-19 changed people’s lives and we were aware there would be more people in the community feeling isolated through the necessary ‘social distancing’. This service is from the Compassionate Communities subcommittee along with the Bundanoon CWA and Quest for Life. Hello how are you? is a volunteer phoning service for isolated people. If you, or someone you know would like a friendly call on a daily or other basis please  download the form

Compassionate Communities Bundanoon participates in the national ‘Dying to Know Day’ conducted on 8 August (2020 cancelled due to Covid-19) held in the Solders Memorial Hall. This is an annual day of engagement dedicated to activating conversations and community actions around death, dying and bereavement. On this day the Bundanoon community can gather in a safe and compassionate place and learn about what is important at end of life and be introduced to services that can help them.

 Also trained volunteers in advance care directives are available (Covid-19 social distancing currently not permitting) to help people fill out their Advance Aare Directive and other necessary documents regarding life choices such as funerals and emotional wills.

ComCom subcommittee meets once a month on Sunday afternoons.

Please contact  for information about upcoming dates, times and locations and If you have an interest in the work we do in the community, we will love to meet you.

Convenor:  Vacant

Sub-committee members: Wendy Appleton, Helen Richardson, Dee Bourke, Trish Stafford, Petrea King, Jessica Raschke

(updated 24-Oct-2020)




Bundanoon Community Association PO Box 12 Bundanoon  NSW 2578 Email:


Bundanoon Community Association PO Box 12 Bundanoon NSW 2578 Email:

For current rates for hiring the Hall and other equipment, including pianos, please consult the Hall Sub-committee page for details and forms


Meetings of the Bundanoon Community Association Incorporated. are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting at 7:30pm. Why not come along and keep up-to-date with what is happening in and around Bundanoon? Meetings are held in the Soldiers' Memorial Hall - opposite the Post Office.

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We pay respect to the Traditional Custodians and acknowledge their continued connection to their country and culture.